8 solid steps to build an effective online presence for your business

Online marketing starts at home

Well, this blog is few days world. Behind starting this blog, I have a solid purpose. The purpose is to create something from zero and see how far I can take it. It’s like planting a seed and taking care of it everyday until it grows enough big to take care of it’s own.

So, yesterday I was mapping out a strategy of building an successful online presence. Well, I found two things. It’s gonna be time consuming and sometimes it’s gonna be super frustrating. If you’re new like me who just started in this lonely path of digital enterprenuer world, I’m sure most of you also feel the same sometimes.

But, the story can’t end there. Can it?

Why You need a solid online marketing strategy

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in now a days. If your business has a online presence,it can benefit you in many ways.

According to the Census Bureau, 77% of population of America has accessed to Internet in 2015 has accessed to Internet in 2015. Now, try to guess that number in terms of whole wide world. That’s a lot of potential customer for you in online. As an enterprenuer, you probably know that, the first rule of business is to go where the customer is. That means you have to build an effective online presence for your business.

Whether you tried to create an online presence before, and it didn’t work out, or this is your first time,

you should try the strategies below. Not all of these strategies will work for every business. But once you find the right mix for your target market, you’ll be on the road to online business success.

But remember that, the important thing about this is that you get started.Provide a great user experience.

Provide your customer a great user experience

When you are designing your website, make sure to think from customer point of view. Always keep thes two points in your mind. What your potential customers really want from

  1. Make sure the site structure is straightforward and logically links all your categories, subcategories, and pages
  2. Create an appealing design with a stylish color scheme, readable fonts and engaging visuals
  3. Make sure all the forms and buttons on your site work as you intended
  4. Monitor page loading time and shut down unnecessary plug ins to speed things up

you and how much value can you offer them effectively ?

Think mobile first

More and more of your prospective customers are in online through mobile devices. So,it is important to deliver information about your products and services in mobile friendly format.

Pages that are not optimized for smart devices and mobile phones have long loading pages and difficult to view which results in alienating in mobile users

Also, mobile friendly contents enhance your google search ranking positions .

Use helpful analytics tools like Mobile-Freindly test to detect and fix usabilty issues on site’s mobile version.

Make your Website “Secure”

If your website allows customers to pay online and requires them to provide personal data, it is important to build trust by working with a reliable security service and using reliable encryption algorithms to protect sensitive data.

Be sure to display security labels and certificates prominently on your homepage.

Provide value to your customers as much as possible:

Use your blog to provide information on high-quality products or services offered by your brand, highlight their benefits, answer commonly asked questions, anticipate challenges that customers may face and provide simple solutions.

Use brilliant customer-oriented content to show your prospects that you are always there to provide support and address your concerns.

Insert links to your landing pages in your blog articles to lead potential customers to the purchase button. Also, insert strong keywords into your text to push your website higher in search rankings.

Also, it is important to publish content consistently. Two or three pieces per week is an ideal frequency. Juggle different content types to keep your brand fresh and interesting to readers. Alternate how-to guides, interviews, product use tips, case studies, infographics and other content.

Show your expertise through guest posting

Once you’re comfortable with blogging, extend your reach to other websites. Conquer the web by posting articles on reputable platform contributors. This will build your reputation in your niche, and will also provide a good backlink profile.

Choose publications that have a large pool of readers that can potentially migrate to your site. Do not waste time sharing content on a platform that is weaker than your own site.

Make the best use of social media channels

There are countless social media channels available to help keep you in touch with your target audience , but only a handful have a wide enough reach to make it worth your time and money.

Choose the top three platforms that will produce the highest returns and focus your marketing campaign on them.

Which platforms you choose depends on the specifics of your business. Certain brands are unlikely to find an audience on Instagram or YouTube.

If you are unsure where you fit in, begin your social media campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This trio is suitable for almost any company.

As with blogging, you regularly feed your social media audience with engaging content to maintain their interest and attention.

Post short daily messages, take polls, organize contests, and ask your followers questions. If creating new content is challenging every day, you can reset content from other profiles and niche groups that share your philosophy.

The main thing is that your brand name appears regularly in the news feed of your target audience.

Use email to reach prospects

Some brands are keeping out of email marketing for fear that their promotional letters will end up in the spam folder.

But this is less likely to happen if you customize your messages to include only relevant and useful information aimed at addressing the problems of customers and meeting their needs.

To get the most out of email marketing, categorize your subscribers by repeat customers, recent subscribers and former customers you’ve lost touch with.

Customize your messages to each group, selecting words that resonate with each group to drive an active buyer’s behaviour.

Pay attention to the timing and frequency of your emails in order to avoid being too intrusive and to make sure your prospects see and read your messages.

Register in your business directories

Online directories are designed to make it easier for consumers to search for reliable companies in certain niches and locations. For example, in order to find a reliable cleaning company in Tokyo , see the listings in the business directory under the categories “Cleaning” and “Tokyo.”

People tend to trust directories as they are usually verified and reduce the risk of hiring a subpar service provider.

Creating a profile on popular platforms such as Bing Places, Google My Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages can boost your website rankings, especially in local search.


So, these are ways any business can have a solid online presence. But remember not all the suggestions will be suitable for your business. The main mantra is to “improvise and adapt”.

2 Replies to “8 solid steps to build an effective online presence for your business”

  1. Wow !

    I really loved this. Very informative. I’m saving this post. I would definitely want to come back to it.

    I really agree with your points, especially that of online presence for business.
    And congratulations on your new journey of blogging. I will support you in your journey, the best way I can.

    I hope you love the process. Look forward to being good friends with you

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